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If in Travis County, Texas (Austin area), please call your County Commisser and County Judge Sam Biscoe with the following message. (Outside of Travis County, please feel free to use this script for your Judge and Commissioners, also)

When you call the County Commissioners' office, you can leave the message for the Commissioner/Judge with their administrative assistant. Please also be sure to call the County Judge as well. Be sure and be polite and respectful. These people have been very open to our efforts so far and indicate possible support of our views. They just think that all the voters are happy with the machines because they haven't heard any complaints.

If you do not know who your Commissioner is, check your Voter's Registration form for your precinct number. If it begins with a "1", you are in Precinct 1; if it begins with a "2", you are in Precinct 2, etc.)

(Here is a sample script:

"Please let Commissioner ____________________ (or Judge Biscoe) know that I am in (his/her) precinct (or County when you call the Judge) and that I am requesting total elimination of electronic voting systems in our County. There is abundant documented evidence that all electronic voting systems have serious security issues and cannot be trusted with our votes. Please let (him/her) know that I want our upcoming November election, and all future elections, held with hand-counted paper ballots, with counting done and totals posted at the precinct level."

Phone numbers and email addresses for Travis County Judge and Commissioners:

Travis County Judge Sam Biscoe (512) 854-9555

Precinct 1: Ron Davis (512) 854-9111
Precinct 2: Sarah Eckhardt (512) 854-9222
Precinct 3: Karen Huber (512) 854-9333
Precinct 4: Margaret Gómez (512) 854-9444

Travis County Commissioners Court Website
(includes a map showing the Austin precincts)

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