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2007 Election Information

Parallel Election Training Meetings
VoteRescue conducted the first training meeting for the Parallel Elections October 19, 2006. We want to thank the 18 volunteers who attended. The next Training meeting will be on October 30. We are asking all those volunteers who attended the first training meeting to be sure to attend the second training meeting as well. We have information packets for all those that would like to help with the Parallel Election.

VoteRescue as a non-partisan & single-issue group VoteRescue is a non-partisan, single-issue group, whose focus is on election integrity by hand counted paper ballots in public view. VoteRescue's primary method is to educate citizens about the efforts to undermine the fundamental right to vote. VoteRescue feels that its mission is an important one that transcends political leanings and opinions. As such the volunteer makeup of VoteRescue is diverse and extensive.

Holding Parallel Elections is just one action that VoteRescue is taking to educate voters. Since VoteRescue members are a diverse and extensive group of people, the politics, stances on issues and opinions will vary greatly. It is important that all Parallel Election volunteers remember to keep any and all partisan opinions and politics out of the group.

Most members feel strongly about certain issues and if discussed during meetings or events the group may become distracted by issues not relating to election integrity. In a worse case scenario, rifts may form between members which would keep the group from being effective in focusing on election integrity.

It is equally important to keep all talk of other issues out of the discussions when talking to the public or trying to educate citizens outside of VoteRescue. Comments made by Parallel Election volunteers may be taken by others as endorsements of politicians, parties or issues. However, VoteRescue does not endorse politicians or parties nor issues outside of the election integrity issues.

Some Sample Verbage
Sample verbage will give Parallel Election volunteers a general idea of what to say. However, almost every encounter will be different and what is said will change depending on the situation.

Initial Greeting: "How are you doing today?" [Await Response]
"Are you here to vote today?" [Await Response]
"Okay, the official voting is going on inside those doors [point], and just to the left. After you are done voting, we would like to invite you to come out and vote on our confidential paper ballot [hand over paperwork] if you would please. And thank you for coming out to vote today."

Open & Closing Times for Parallel Elections
On Election Day, the polls are open from 7AM to 7PM and our parallel voting stations need to be set up and ready to go when the first voter arrives just before 7AM.

After the polls close, we stay until the last voter leaves, typically 15 to 45 minutes past 7PM. Then we hand count the votes in public view after the last voter has left. In past elections counting the votes was complete between about 8:00 and 8:30 (although if we have a large turnout, it may be later).

After the counting is finished, most volunteers get together for a wind-down discussion and celebration.

Sources of Additional Information

  • If you haven't already, subscribe to VoteRescue's e-mail list.
  • Check out if you are looking for some research material for issues that have come up in the past.
  • Go to Forums to see what others have posted and feel free to ask any questions you might have there.
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