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Back to paper ballots for fire district elections
Mercer County, New Jersey
February 7, 2009

GOP Cyber-Security Expert Suggests Diebold Tampered with 2002 Election
July 18, 2008

GOP Whistle-Blower Names Karl Rove in Ohio's '04 Election Theft
July 17, 2008

Hart InterCivic is being sued by a whistleblower
March 28

Sequoia Voting Systems Website Hacked
March 22, 2008

'Mashed Into Bits': Florida Touch-Screen Voting Machines - 28,000 of them - to be Crushed, Recycled, Repurposed...
March 10, 2008

'A New Role for Defense Contractors?: Counting Votes'
New York Times Editorial Board
March 3, 2008

Albert Howard files for Appeal on NH Recount
February 16, 2008

Equal opportunity fraud in NM caucus Tues.
February 6, 2008

YouTube about Ron Paul not being on the ballot in Stony Point, NY, and the voter being told "he dropped out of the race"
February 6, 2008

Bob & Harvey's 3-Step "Ohio Plan" for fair and reliable voting and vote counts
January 16, 2008

Update from Bev Harris on NH Recount Situation
January 15, 2008

Diebold programmers had access to machines during NH primary
January 12, 2008

Pre-election poll data of NH Democratic candidates Obama v Hillary
Real Clear Politics
January 8, 2008

December 17, 2007

Harvey Wasserman on New Ohio Voting Report: “The 2004 Election Was Stolen…Finally We Have Irrefutable Confirmation”
December 17, 2007

Demanding Democracy: Rosa Parks & RollCall For

Illinois Secretary of State Supports WTP
"Clean Elections" Vote Fraud Lawsuit

September 21, 2007

A Word from Attorney Mark Adams and a Video of Rep. Kucinich

HR 811 Alert!!!
Tell Your Rep to Vote NO!!!

3 Voting Systems Faulted
July 28, 2007

Why Doesn't the GOP want Ohio's Voting Machines Tested?
September 11, 2007

Holt Bill is a Poison Pill

Dan Rather Reports on Touch Screen Voting Machines

Paper Ballots Could be Used for February's Presidential Primary
August 9, 2007

Hand-Counted Ballots Advocated
April 6, 2007

Paper Ballots
April 5, 2007

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